In the beginning of this month, Google updated the play store to v8.3.41 which brought tons of new features. Such as fast scrolling, support for cook books (recipes for foods), quick installation of apps and floating action button.

After that, a minor update was made available bringing the version number to 8.3.42 which brought brought some bug fixes and stability. Now, Google is rolling out another minor update, thus updating the play store app to v8.3.43. According to folks at The Android Soul, there is not any visual difference between the previous version and the new one. But, they will be performing APK teardown soon to find out the changes.

As this update is rolling out in phases, it might take days or even weeks to hit your device. Anyways, if you do not bother sideloading the new update in your device, simply download the APK from the link below and install it the normal way.

Download Play Store v8.3.43


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