Download: Premium games for free on Google Play Store


We all love playing games on our Android phones. Games play an important role of stress buster. Well, here is good news for game lovers. You can download some premium games that are available for free on Google Play.

premium games available for free

Here, we have given some details about the game, so you don’t need to research about it. If you like then just directly download it without wasting anytime. As the time period is going to expire soon so do download it asap.

Block Tanks war 2 Premium

Block Tank Wars is an interesting 3D tank action game. 72+ levels make it even more interesting. Currently, it is a single player game.

wars 2 block tank

You have the option to select from 7 types of tanks and later as you go ahead you can upgrade it. You can add different tools to make it strong using your points.

If you love action then this is the best premium game i would suggest.


Zombie City Defense

zombie city defense

The next game in our list is Zombie City Defense. As you can understand from its name that it’s about protecting your city from Zombie attack.

Well, it is a game of strategy. You need to plan to prevent your city from getting destroyed.

Well, here you can either be an attacker or be defensive. But your main target it protect the city, maintain supplies etc.

So, well if you love making strategies then this one is the best.


Motorsport Manager

motorsport manager

I know most of us love racing games. I love them too. But have you ever tried your management skills. Yes, management skills. Here you need to manage a motorsport team. You don’t have to race, just manage the team.

Plan tactics, make strategies, order your pilots accordingly. Well, better you plan more are the chances of managing the team properly.

If you like any of these, then buck up. Time’s running, these games are hardly available for max 2 days.


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