Telegram in its never-ending quest for improving the user experience and privacy has now dropped an update boarding plethora of changes. The latest Telegram 5.5 update for Android is live on Google Play Store promising more privacy and added features. Have a look at the detailed changelog below.

Telegram 5.5.0

What’s New

Version 5.5: More Privacy, Emoji Search and TalkBack Support

  • Delete any message on both ends in any private chat, anytime.
  • New privacy settings for message forwarding and profile pictures.
  • Redesigned panel for Emoji, GIFs and Stickers with the new search.
  • Emoji suggestions for the first word you type in a message.
  • Streaming support for GIFs and video messages.
  • Search in Settings.
  • TalkBack support.
  • Improved call quality.

The new update brings a redesigned emoji section. You can search for your favourite emoji by inputting keyword. If you see a keyword missing for an emoji, you may suggest it. Telegram will audit the suggestion and constantly improve the keyword search without the need to update Telegram.

Now, Telegram lets you choose who all can see your profile picture. The new settings to control the profile picture visibility can be accessed from Settings>>Privacy and Security>>Privacy.

Other new features include: improvement to call quality, Talkbalk support and a new search option in Settings.


Telegram 5.5: Google Play Store


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