Telegram is now embracing significant upgrades with new chat export feature, better notification control known as Exceptions and much more. The latest Telegram 4.9.1 incorporating the improvements is now live on Google Play Store. There are plenty of new changes that has been added to the latest version.

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Within the new Telegram under Settings > Notifications you’d be able to see a new feature which Telegram calls as “Exceptions”. Telegram is already well-known for giving flexibility and many options for the users to fine-tune their message notifications. And, with the Exceptions it’s further overhauling the notifications settings. The Exceptions literally does nothing but highlights the chats that are excluded from the global settings you defined in notification settings.

The changelog of update goes like this


  • New “Exceptions” section in Notification settings that lists all your chats with custom notifications.
  • Telegram Passport now supports more types of data including translated versions of documents.
  • Improved password hashing algorithm to better protect Telegram Passport data.
  • Export your chats using the latest version of Telegram Desktop.

Earlier on the previous Telegram 4.9.0, a new facility termed as Telegram Passport was introduced. As some of you might know, it’s a unified authorization tool for services that require personal identification. Well, it seems the facility has been well received by the TG users, and as a result, it’s getting some major improvements on the latest version. For instance, now Telegram Passport supports names in original languages and additional types of documents.

Moreover, Telegram says it has bolstered the algorithms that encrypt Passport data to better protect the user’s personal data against hacking attacks coming from Telegram, which is unlikely given the high-level of security Telegram had employed on its server and app.

New Telegram Desktop

Today, Telegram has also updated its Desktop version. A new nifty feature is being added which allows the users to export their chats as an offline document either in Jason or HTML format. Note that, the export feature is accessible on the latest desktop client of Telegram and not on the Android app. The below video shows how can you export chats using Telegram Desktop.


In our opinion, Telegram is perhaps the most advanced instant messaging app available for Android and iOS. In fact, way better than Whatsapp in terms of features and file-size limitations. The German based app is evolving at a great pace by totting unique features and improvements. Despite, the reason why it’s not getting much acceptance as the Whatsapp is something a matter of debate.


Download Telegram APK 4.9.1: Google Play Store

Telegram Desktop: Download


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