Google has released the new stable version of the Android Studio for the developers with a slew of improvements and novel features. The latest Android Studio 3.2, with its highlight feature – the support for Android Apps bundle is available for download. So, if you’re an Android enthusiast or a capable developer, download the latest Android Studio from here and build awesome apps or games.

Google reveals that there are 20+ improvements in the latest Android Studio compared to the previous version. Apart from the earlier mentioned key feature, i.e.,  the App Bundle support, which is a new app publishing format literally to reduce the package size of the APK’s. The 3.2th version of Android Studio caters following new improvements.

Android Studio 3.2 Features

  1. Slices support – Slices is a new way to tap into the built-in Android AI capabilities by surfacing app content in Google Search suggestions and the Google Assistant.
  2. Introduction Of Sample Data – This feature allows the developers to use placeholder data to aid in the design of your app.
  3. Updated Material Design: Android Studio 3.2 now offers access to new and updated widgets such as BottomAppBar, buttons, cards, text fields, new font styles and more.
  4. Ability to take Emulator Snapshots: Android Studio 3.2 allows capture of the state of the emulator in a snapshot, and quickly boot into any of the snapshots as well.
  5. Other plenty of new features and improvements that are detailed on Google Developers Blog.


Download the latest Android Studio 3.2 for Windows, Linux and Mac from here.


Linux: Download

Mac: Download


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