The elusive Droid Bionic is finally within weeks of release (it should drop September 8th for $299.99), but if you want to pretend you already have one for a moment or if your current boot animation is not a gorgeous fiery bionic eye (is such a thing even possible?), then download this official Droid Bionic boot animation and sound. It won’t grow you an extra arm, but it will make you the coolest chap in town (not really).
Download (from our direct download mirrors – no popups, no ads):

In general, root access shouldn’t be required for installing custom boot animations. There are many ways of installing
As for Bionic.ogg, if you want the boot sound enabled, you’ll have to figure out the place where it goes on your phone – most likely some directory under /system/media or /data/local.

droid_00107 droid_00056

Source: DL


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