motorola droid ultra

Verizon announced their new range of Motorola smartphones on July 23rd of this year. The three devices look and feel like Droid phones, with squared-off corners and dark colors. As of their predecessor, they look industrial and tough.  The Droid Ma and Droid Ultra are similar devices, with 5-inch displays. The Droid Mini is smaller, and has a Kevlar back. The new MA is also wrapped onto Kevlar.

motorola droid ultra

The Droid world is a slim, and is supposed to be available by August 27th, exclusively from Verizon. Droid Life has been kind enough to pull the wallpapers from the unit they received today, and those wallpapers are available for download right now. There are some of the great space and landscapes images with high quality, one should go for a run over it.

The new Droid lineup is powered by Motorola’s X8 Computing System. It’s the same processor design that powers the Moto X. These 8 cores are specifically designed to be efficient and use a minimum of battery power. 2 cores are dedicated to just app processing, meaning only apps can access these cores.

Overall, if you want to give your smartphone a look of Droid you can go here and download the amazing pack of wallpapers  you can find the wallpaper pack here.


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