Yahoo has announced a new light-weight edition of its existing Yahoo Mail app, dubbed as Yahoo Mail Go. As the name signifies, it’s an E-Mail app optimised for working flawlessly with the Android Go phones. However, not limited to them as it can be installed on any Android devices running Android 4.4+. You can Download Yahoo Mail Go email app from the Play Store link below.

Download Yahoo Mail Go

Yahoo Mail GO inherits all the properties needed for an Android GO app. It’s not hefty with around mere 9.7MB in size and utilizes less RAM resources. But, that doesn’t mean the app is devoid of features. In fact, the Yahoo Mail GO packs all most all features of its parent app, the Yahoo Mail. Despite, since it’s GO optimized the UI and certain app-animations should be trimmed down to fit the Android GO app description.

Yahoo Mail Go Features

The Yahoo Mail GO – like its full-fledged version and unlike the GMail Go app can work with E-Mail providers other than Yahoo. Which means, you can add and see your Gmail, Outlook, and AOL contents all in the app. It also supports basic features such as search and attachments. Coupled with other slew of add-ons such as customizable swipe actions, gif support and more.

If liked, you can now readily install the Yahoo Mail Go app from the Google Play Store. However, being a new app, it need not be available on every countries and devices. We can assure that the app is live on the Google Play in India and we were successful in getting it installed, without any issue, on the Samsung Galaxy A8+.

Download Yahoo Mail Go

Yahoo Mail Go – Stay organized: Google Play Store

If not available or showing device as incompatible, you may download and sideload the APK from here.



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