Ah, the Sega Dreamcast. A little grey box with a lot of memories. One of the very first titles to appear on Sega’s underdog gaming system was ChuChu Rocket, a puzzle game from the makers of Sonic the Hedgehog. iOS gamers have been playing it for over a year, but Sega‘s done the right thing and brought ChuChu Rocket to the Android Market.

If you’ve never heard of ChuChu Rocket – an unfortunately common occurrence among western gamers – it’s a puzzle game in which the player must guide a torrent of squeaking mice through a minefield of cats and other hazards, by re-directing their motion. In terms that current mobile gamers would understand, it’s kind of like the tower defense genre, except that the goal is to get everyone to the end safely. The original game was one of the very first to take advantage of Internet multiplayer on a console, and has since been ported to the Game Boy Advance.
The Android version looks almost identical to the original, but thanks to high-density screens the graphics actually surpass it. The original 500 levels of ChuChu Rocket are faithfully recreated, though unfortunately the multiplayer element seems to be missing. ChuChu Rocket is only Sega’s second Android game, behind the new RPG Fallen Realms earlier this month. We live in hope of a Sonic Generations or Super Monkey Ball port, but for now, you can pick up ChuChu Rocket for just 99 cents in the Android Market.


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