DROID Charge Anomaly Tracked in Five Cities and Counting [Video]



If you’ve been following @DroidLanding on Twitter, you know that there’s a contest going on where you are able to win a DROID Charge by tracking down a hidden marker in cities across the United States. What’s been released tonight is several videos documenting the winners in five cities including my place of residence, Minneapolis Minnesota, the prize found in no less than the famous First Avenue Danceteria, downtown MPLS – usually there’s a few hundred hipsters chopping it up on the floor – just Verizon during the day apparently!

The way this situation is being run is that people follow @DroidLanding on Twitter on the mobile device they’ve already got in their possession. They make sure they’re also tuned in to m.chargelanding.com, and “scan their area” at 4:28 PM HST (aka 10:28 EST, 9:28 CST, and 7:28 PST) each and every day. You’re then meant to share your findings on Twitter and on Facebook, unless you’re sneaky of course, and check out chargelanding.com on your desktop at home every day until you “zero in” on the winning location.
AND if you’re not into looking, you can “Scan” up to 10 times a day to be entered into a separate contest where 16 more DROID Charge units will be given away. Fun way to win a phone? Sure thing! More contests should be mobile like this when the prize is a mobile device. Smart stuff! Have a look below at all the winners thus far, and keep on scanning for your chance to win your own DROID Charge.


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