DROID Incredible 2, Inductive Charging Mat, and DROID Charge Accessories Arriving in Verizon Stores


Everything’s all set for an April 28th launch for a few Verizon-branded devices, folks, as they’re now headed to stores. We already knew of the arrival of some dummy units for the Casio Commando and the DROID Incredible 2, but this weekend’s leak seems to suggest that actual device units are already in stock.
Along with the DROID Incredible 2, Verizon’s set to introduce an induction charging mat for the special wireless charging battery doors they’ll be making available for their newest DROID devices. (These include the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Incredible 2 as well as the LG Revolution )

Pricing? Sure – $70. Don’t panic, these prices are inline with similar products such as those from Powermat’s line. In that same leak we’ve caught wind of some DROID Charge accessories. No surprise here, but you can expect a vehicle dock, a multimedia dock, and a case with a convenient kickstand. Those can be had for $40, $50 and $30, respectively.



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