Done and done. Rumors of the Motorola DROID RAZR‘s November 10th launch date seem to be right on the money, as Verizon has updates its DROID DOES mailing list with the happy news. Pre-orders will begin tomorrow, October 27th at 8 AM Eastern, and the note says that the phones themselves will begin shipping “no later than” the 10th of next month. No mention of retail availability was made, but you can bet that RAZRs will begin showing up in Verizon and partner stores shortly thereafter.

The $299 DROID RAZR is an undoubtedly drool-worthy device, with its 7.7 millimeter profile and Kevlar construction. The 1.2GHz processor and a full gigabyte of RAM should allow Gingerbread to fly on the device, and the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED qHD screen will mean it looks good doing it. A host of Motorola customizations might even help U.S. customers forget the non-removable battery and locked bootloader.
What might be of even more interest to prospective Verizon customers is what they haven’t mentioned, namely the Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound. Both superphones have been seen in the company of the RAZR in Verizon’s internal documents slated for the same November 10th release date. You already know all about the Galaxy Nexus , and the Rezound is likely getting a big reveal at HTC’s event on November 3rd. Considering the pomp and circumstance surrounding the RAZR, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Galaxy Nexus and Rezound pushed back a week or two to give everyone a little breathing room. We shall see.


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