I’m sure many of you have been following along the many scavenger hunt games in the past, but now the time for the DROID RAZR is finally here. The folks at @DroidLanding have started the first round for the DROID RAZR scavenger hunt so be sure and follow them for all the details. The DroidDoes.com site has also been initiated with a game of its own. The details are still a bit blurry but once everything gets under way we’ll be sure to update everyone.

Just like the previous games be sure to follow @DroidLanding for all the details as they tweet them. This time around appears to be another scavenger hunt just like with the Bionic only we still aren’t sure exactly what that entails yet. They’ve sent out a few tweets but haven’t revealed much. The first clue and tweet came last night, and says to dial **RAZR311 which will get you a voice clue along with an image. Apparently that brings you some coordinates that lead you to a map but you can figure that all out yourself. The latest tweet has just gone out this morning and here it is:

After dialing **RAZR813 you’ll get another image, and you’ll probably be just as confused as I am. Today things will probably really start heating up as this entire hunt gets under way so stay tuned to Twitter for up to the minute updates for your chance to win. Here is the latest image for those interested in a little hunting.

If you manage to break down and figure out the above picture feel free to send us a few tips or clues in the comment section below, and help out your fellow hunters although I’m sure you all want to be first and win your own DROID RAZR. Then, like mentioned above is the DroidDoes.com extraction game. The picture at the top is what you’ll get at the site and we have a pretty tricky little game going on their too.
It’s simple, just use the extraction claw and pull out the DROID RAZR to win — only it isn’t that easy and I keep getting zapped by those Mission Impossible laser beams. (Where’s Tom Cruise when you need him?) It appears the DroidDoes game is using the power of Facebook and if you share and “like” the game with your friends it will deactivate a few lasers, improving your chances of winning. So for those looking to blast their friends up with the DROID RAZR and cover peoples wall in Motorola feel free to like it up and hopefully you win.
Good luck and happy hunting — or extracting.


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