DROID3 and DROIDX2 Pop Up in Best Buy System, Model Numbers Confirmed


Best Buy cellebrite systems have updated and now include the DROID3 (XT862) and DROIDX2 (MB870), leading us to believe that we’re a matter of weeks away from a release of at least one of these phones.  The current rumor-wire has the DX2 launching some time in May, but the D3 has always been thought of as a summer release.  Maybe with the DROID Bionic now delayed until the summer, Motorola has moved up the D3 launch to fill a void?
 I’m doubting that the D3 will be LTE, but the new screensize and re-styling sure has people around these parts talking.  And with that front-facing camera included, something the DROIDX2 is lacking, could this be the next big DROID until we see the new Bionic?


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