Everyone’s favorite cloud storage option for Android has just released their latest beta build. Currently the version available in the Android Market is the same one we all already use and love but today Dropbox has pushed their latest beta build over at the Dropbox forums. Complete with an overhauled UI that not only looks like ICS but fully supports it too. Download links and more details are available below.

The Dropbox forum has posted a few awesome beta versions in the past but this latest release today is extremely nice and polished — but I do have one complaint. They added a bulk upload option but sadly they didn’t do the same for downloads. Being able to download all the files that aren’t in a select folder in bulk at once would be awesome — I sure hope this makes the final release. Here’s the list of changes with the latest Dropbox beta:
• Favorites: quick offline access to files
• Bulk upload photos and videos
• Rename files and folders
• Single-tap access to all file and folder actions
• Improved gallery view
• Upload from and export to local storage
• Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements
In the forums they mention this is just a beta preview although it should be released to the Android Market here soon. For those that would like to try this latest version of Dropbox today click that download below and give it a try. I love it and wont be going back to the old anytime soon — that is for sure.
Download: Dropbox beta-v1.3.0.6


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