fifa sport

Mobile gaming has gained popularity over the years, People prefer playing football on mobile phones rather then playing it in real life. Soccer (or to a non-American, football) is one of the most popular sport in the whole world whether considered as a physical game or as a mobile game.

fifa sport

Electronic Arts games as like always has made it to hit the top with its vast storyline and gaming ethics. Te animations and gameplay is also another reason behind the lots of downloads for EA games. Similar is the story with the FIFA video game series which has gained 100 million downloads.

FIFA 14 is the most successful football game franchise ever, which now is featured more Android devices than ever thanks to the Ultimate Team. Players can still enjoy eleven against eleven games with their favorite teams, using a control system that is perfect for touch screens, thanks to which you can pass, shoot, cross into, dribble, etc., all in a very intuitive way. But this is only a small part of FIFA 14. There much more to the game.

EA games, also known as Electronic Arts is a gaming company which published FIFA Soccer on the Play Store in September 2016. That means, it only took about a year and three months for the app to hit 100 million figure, which is mighty impressive for a game. As you might expect, FIFA Soccer consists of building a team and playing games.

If you want to check FIFA Soccer out, you can click on the link below. Just make sure your device is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. If not you must look at our list of budget smartphones of 2017.


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