I mentioned this morning that after a long wait the Eee Pad Transformer from Asus was finally available in North America. I also mentioned that supplies were short and that many locations were already out of stock on the device. If you want one you need to go look right now or you will miss out until Asus can make more stock. Asus had noted that the UK would be its focus at launch in the past so low stock in the US isn’t really a surprise.

Despite the fact that the Transformer is just now selling in the US and other countries, there is already a new update coming soon. And by soon, I mean really soon as in April 28. That is this Thursday for those of you not by a calendar. What exactly the update will bring with it is unknown. I would assume with the tablet just now launching the update would have to bring minor changes. I can’t see them launching the tablet with significant issues, but stranger things have happened.
The Transformer will be one of the more popular Android 3.0 tablets on the market by my estimation. The things have had good reviews around the web and the keyboard dock makes it perfect for the tablet user that might need to actually work from the thing every now and then. If you find them in stock somewhere let us know in the comments below.



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