Ending is a game on android platform that falls under a category where only a few games fall. Being Simple and Complex are two different things but when talking about this game we have both the qualities in here ! It’s one of the best Android games around, balancing distinct, attractive visuals with challenging level design and pick-up-and-play mechanics.


Basically this is a game with a few black and grey boxes set together with an operator as @ and he destination to make this @ reach is an E encircled with a white line. Well that’s it ! the simple game is really hard when set on brainstorming while it really makes one scratch his head.

This is very nice when the opponents the square white dots are coming towards you in a pixel formation and will trap you in a very nice way. Also the game doesn’t allows diagonal moves so we need to very obliquely monitor the moves and maintain a distance between the corners as if we get to the corner we can’t move any more.

Some enemies take a fixed path which is along a horizontal or vertical line and goes away on it again and again. While a few do the same but while at slow speed and wasting time at the edge and making a 90 degree turn each time. All these enemies are set in a planned manner to make the game tough and complex.

The only thing to worry about is the Moves. We have a limited amount of moves available in the game play which makes this game a real think and act game and every single wrong step will have to pay its price due to the integration of the move counter at the top of the game play screen.


The best thing to out here is to kill enemies and increase the no. of  moves left for the game play to end while they are always revised on each levels.

description on google play reads “Ending is a single player turn based puzzle game about movement and death.

Recommended for people who like board games, chess and roguelikes.

For now the app is available for all the android versions over 2.2 froyo while the app size is 10mb. Being the third day of the release of the app on google play the app has are easy got more than 5k downloads. while the app is priced at $1.

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