Essential 360 degree camera will now stream live to Facebook after the update


The latest feature added to the Essential smartphone is 360 degree video streaming on Facebook live. This feature wasn’t available and now for it you need to install the update. The new camera software update enables the users stream live 360 degree video on Facebook. For streaming live you don’t need any other app as it is possible through the inbuilt camera app.

But yes, you will need the camera module of the Essential phone which is 360 degree. Without this module you won’t be able to stream live on Facebook.

I know when it comes to the pricing part the device is very costly. The price of the device was $700 in the beginning and since then has been brought down to $450. So this is the best time to purchase the device. If you have been waiting to buy it eagerly.

You won’t need to install any other software except the new update. After that once you attach the module the camera app will come up. Then you need to select the 360 degree live option. After that you need to login to Facebook, after the authentication process your ready to go.

Then you can start streaming on Facebook. Along with that if you want to add any description that is possible too.



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