Essential Phone new update brings fingerprint gestures, KRACK fix


There aren’t a lot of positive vibes around the Essential Phone, particularly after the launch of the iPhone X. One particular area where Essential can distinguish itself is software. Being an Andy Rubin-headed company, it shouldn’t be hard for them to bring in great features that can lure in customers with the UI experience. Speaking of new features, the new startup is rolling out an update for a new feature that has been anticipated earlier.

A new mini update worth 74.8 MB brings fingerprint gestures to the new Essential Phone. It is not a revolutionary feature, but one that many OEMs overlook. Google and Huawei have it on their hardware. And we must say the feature brings a lot of conveniences.

The fingerprint gesture allows users to activate stuff by swiping on the biometric sensor. For example, to drop down the notifications, or to swipe things and things like that. The update also has a fix for the monster KRACK bug that infects WiFi devices. This alone is a reason to update your phone.

Among other news, Essential has dropped the price of its only phone by $200. Further, added discounts can bring down the price up to another $200


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