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The Essential phone is getting some “Essential” software upgrades this month. This could probably be the very first update to the new smartphone. Moreover, the update will drop on the phone with version number 0.1.067. The new update brings camera enhancements, some tweaks to the 360 video and other performance related issues.

The update details the list of changes mentioning the improvements and some general improvements. The first thing is the improvement in color/mono image blending speed. This must be related to the extra sharpness/quality that is achieved by fusing the mono image and the RGB image. Also, the update irons out some bugs in the 360 video mode and although no specific detail is mentioned.

Apart from that, there are performance related tweaks that should improve the overall camera experience. Do note, that the update is being rolled out just to the camera app of Essential. The new version of the app can be found on the Play Store.

So, the users just have to update the app to get the changes on your app. Do let us know what changes you see after updating the app. Do you find any considerable changes? let us know in the comments below.

Download Essential Camera update


  1. I’m on Sprint and I have an upgrade due this month—and Sprint is offering Essential Phone for 50% off. I’m debating taking a chance on this thing.


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