Essential Phone

Essential, the startup behind the Essential Phone(PH-1) recently updated their camera app with support for app shortcut. It was in October when Essential’s camera app hit Play Store and the company announced that they would be updating their camera app regularly as now it don’t required OTA updates to do so.

Whats’s New in Essential Camera App update ?

Like always, Essential took to Twitter to announce the new update. As said above, this new update beings support for app shortcuts for mono, selfie and portrait modes. The update also brings optimized Camera Roll performance, improved 360 image preview in Camera Roll an various stability fixes. Thus, if you are still not updated to the latest version of the Essential Camera app, then get it from the Play Store now.

As Essential Phone’s camera was criticized by everyone for its performance and less features compared to the competitors. Hence, the company promised they would bring new features as well as fixes and they did fulfill it. Many features were added in the past months such as the portrait mode, 360 live streaming to Facebook and YouTube and others. Simply, the camera on the Essential Phone is now better than before based on user’s comments.

Also, if you are interested in buying the Essential Phone, you can now get it for $434.99 from Amazon way more less than the company charges. So, get it before the price hikes up to regular $499.


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