Google makes APKs secure

It’s always related to the privacy of the users using Google services whenever we talk about European Union. This time also it is regarding the EU Android Antitrust case. According to a new report from the Financial Times, it is said that Google could be slammed with fine in billions by the European Commision.

Well, the fines are not yet finalised or calculated but theĀ  EU commision can fine upto $11bn or Google’s 10% of global turnover. There are many probabilities regarding the final amount off fine but it is said that usually lower end of the range is considered for fine.

Google has been into such cases many times. Even last year, Google slammed with a fine of 2.7 billion over price comparison service.

Similarly, in Android antitrust case, Google poised other manufacturers to use their services like Chrome and Google Search.It deterred the other companies from developing the competitive environments using open source technologies.

So, we expect a penalty in a single figure rather than the $11 bn. So, it is always good to use free services but companies are scorching money out of you in some other ways. We have seen many times and this time also the same story is repeating itself.

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