Facebook the social networking website is used by millions of people worldwide. Be it kids, adults and everyone. And the latest update about Facebook is that it has announced a new app for kids. It is a chat app and named as ‘Messenger Kids’. For now the social network giant has announce it only for IOS devices. But soon it will be available for Android as well as a few Kindle devices. Well, when will it be available we don’t know that.

What makes this app different from the normal messenger app. Under this app, the control will be under the parents via their own FB account. Though such a limitation won’t have any effect on it’s usage. Through the app kids can still message their friends and family members but under parental control.

What Facebook wanted with this app is to provide safety for the kids. And such a decision for making this app was not alone. Facebook has done a lot of research with thousands of parents as well child development experts.

The main aim of this app just to provide safety for the kids in this age of socialization. If you have any comments regarding this app, then just comment below.


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