Facebook helps to Spread Android Malware

Few days ago Google Revealed that they have introduced Bouncer to Prevent Android Malware, But after sometime reports revealed that Bouncer is innefective and Malware Apps are Still there and comming up in the Android Market. Now the News is Coming from Sophos that Android Malware is spreading through Facebook.

The malicious software disguises itself as an Android app named “any_name.apk” or “allnew.apk” and is sent to Android phones via Facebook’s mobile app. An Android user may receive a Facebook friend request and if the user goes to the requester’s profile to check them out, they could be diverted to another web page instead, where the malicious app will be automatically downloaded.

This malware still relies on ignorant users who don’t really understand how Android security works, but it’s a good example of the ever-evolving methods of digital thieves.

Source: Sophos


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