Facebook Lite Available For India And Philippines


To solve the issue of low-bandwidth and speed of internet in the developing nations while opening Facebook. It has launched Facebook Lite for the devices. Facebook Lite is going to give the same social experience in the lightest way to the users who are using the 2G networks.

Facebook Lite

Facebook announced the Facebook Lite at the developer conference and now they are delivering upto their sayings. If we say what’s the difference between the full app and lite version than its size will tell you all. Full version of the app weighs 250MB in size, Facebook Lite is just 430KB in size. They are focusing on the below mentioned features only in the Facebook Lite:

  • News Feed
  • Status Updates
  • Push Notifications
  • Messages

Further you can use photos, pages and groups and you can also use Facebook’s full search feature.

Vijay Shankar, Product Manager for Facebook Lite, said:

“We will get to video soon… In India over 80% of the users are on 2G network. We have worked on improving the apps performance even on spotty connections and across devices from entry-spec devices to high-end ones.”

Shankar then went on to add that development of the app has taken over a year and the development team tested the app across Asia and Africa to make sure it worked properly.

“During the development phase, the team behind the app spent a lot of time on the ground traveling across India to test and check performance of the app.”

So anyone from here who is going to check it now? Then here’s the Play Store link if you residing in these countries. Otherwise, head over to APKMirror for whole world.

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