Facebook has always taken Messenger as a major project. They have introduced various new features and enhancements to make it more accessible, more useful and more interactive for users.

In addition to that spree, Facebook has added a new thing to Messenger which will allow you to represent yourself on the web with a single url. They have provided[yourusername] url to bring all the 900 Milllion users accessible to each other and companies also. You can use that page by listing all about yourself from education to personal life. Also, around 1 Billion messages are shared between companies and consumers every month.

According to Facebook’s David Marcus, Messenger is getting some features that are similar to ones found in Snapchat:

We’re starting to roll out Messenger Codes, Usernames, and Links (with the amazing[yourusername] URL) available to people and businesses, making it easier than ever to connect.

So we think it’s a good initiative to bring all your stuff at one place. What you think? Share your views via link below.


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