Facebook Messenger Debuts End-To-End Encryption (For Android and iOS Only)

facebook messenger

Facebook has finally secured its Messenger with End-to-End encryption on Android and iOS platforms. Whatsapp has already introduced this type of encryption couple of months ago and now its time for Messenger.

Messenger is most advanced app in which we can share stickers, links, video playback and much more. Only, feature that left was this end-to-end encryption. Well, now this is also available and it is only active on the chats which you did from Android or iOS devices. The initial phase will be a trial run to a limited batch of users, starting today, and then the service will gradually be rolled out globally.

“It’s table stakes in the industry now for messaging apps to offer this to people,” says Messenger product manager Tony Leach. “We wanted to make sure we’re doing what we can to make messaging private and secure.”

Also, the end-to-end encryption feature will not be enabled by default. User have to opt in for encryption to lure the benefits of it.


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