Facebook Messenger Instant Video Answer To Google Duo


Facebook Messenger has baked another feature on the most feature enriched instant chat client. They have added Instant Video on the Messenger to compete against the, Newly launched, Google Duo.


In detail, Instant video can be turned on by hitting video button in active chat conversation. It will allow user to share video instantly by muting the audio. Later you can also turn on the audio. Instant Video brings video on the right side of the phone and you can maximize it to full screen.

Instant Video provides floating type window, which means you can watch video and you can also keep working on your phone.

Well, it’s not a new feature, but it is highlighted under Instant Video. Once you share your video stream, the other person need to accept it before you can initialise Instant Video.

You can enjoy this feature by updating your Facebook messenger app. You can do so by hitting the source link below.



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