Facebook Messenger Lite reaches 100 million installs on the Play Store


Facebook is one of the widely used social media in the world and so are their apps on smartphones. We all know that Facebook and its Messenger apps are one of the data hungry as well as storage consuming apps. Thus, to eliminate those issues, Facebook introduced lite versions of both Facebook as well as Messenger apps for low end smartphone users in emerging markets. And now, the Messenger Lite app hits 100 million downloads in one year.

facebook messenger lite

If you are not aware, the Facebook lite app was introduced a year ago (i.e. 2015) than Messenger lite. Thus, it has already achieved 200 million installs from the Play Store back in September of this year. However, Messenger Lite will be hitting the similar milestone soon as it had only 50 million installs in August 2017. The app was also made available in the US and UK just back in October. Thus, it is really a great milestone achieved by the developers.

Moreover, the app is clean and simple when compared to the main Messenger app. Also, it weighs less than 5 MB than the original 50 MB. But, it is not suitable for the users who use the Messenger app extensively as the lite version lacks many additional features. Anyways, if you are interested, you can install the Messenger Lite from the Play Store.



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