facebook payments-uk

Facebook has finally rolling out the much awaited Facebook Messenger payments in the UK and France. Already, it is available in the US from sometime and has gathered a positive response. The service from Facebook Messenger Payments is now expanding to new countries, UK and France are the latest additions

facebook payments-uk

It has been formally announced the feature is now available in the UK and France, but it will take few more days to reach out every user. It depends upon your Facebook Messenger app version and Facebook also turn it on from the server side.

There are some cons of the service, as you can send the money to the users in your own country. It took 2 years to launch the payments service outside of the US to any other country. Now we can expect the feature to rollout in few other countries also without any prior delay as the competitors are already rising.

Steps to send and receive money via Facebook messengers payments:

To send money:

  1. Start a message with a friend
  2. Tap the blue + icon and then tap the green Payments icon
  3. Set up your payment account (only the first time) and then enter the amount you want to send
  4. Tap Pay and then add your debit card
  5. Watch the amount of money you sent rain down on the screen

To receive money:

  1. Open the conversation from your friend
  2. Tap Add Card in the message, add your debit card and setup your payment account to accept money for the first time

How to use Facebook Messenger Payment ?

Posted by Messenger on Friday, November 3, 2017


In order to use it, you need not to pass through any additional security layer or authentication system. So, be careful before sending the money and keeping your device unlocked.


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