facebook messenger redesign

Facebook has started rolling out a new look for the Messenger for Android. Many users are now receiving the new update with the redesign Facebook Messenger. In the latest redesign, Facebook has added and removed a few useful and usable elements respectively from the App. It’s a server-side push upgrade, so updating the Android app will not result in the new UI.

facebook messenger redesign

Facebook Messenger new UI features

Facebook New UI is not much inspired by Google’s new Material design 2.0 Ui. They have used their design language to simplify the Facebook Messenger app usage. It is designed as like of the Skype’s latest version, and some design similarities can be seen in the latest iteration of the Facebook Messenger and Skype Android App.

Facebook has changed all its major Page elements giving a new simplified and fresh look to the App UI. The chat screen has changed, and an ability to change the custom colours for chats have been added. It is now easier to use and brings less cluttered UI with necessary items given more attention. The elements are far more extensive and more user-friendly. There’s a much cleaner search box, and the white bottom navigation bar is offering a minimal yet beautiful look.

As said above, the update is server side based, so you need not update or use a particular version of the App. It will be rolling out to most of the users in the upcoming few days.



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