Facebook to soon Introduce a Reminder

Recent report reveals that Facebook is planning to get into hardware business. And here’s a proof on how will it enter into this business. It has developed a new video chat device. The name of the device is portal. It will help you to stay connected to your friends via video chatting and many other features not known yet.

The device is set to compete with other devices especially Amazon’s Echo show and other echo based devices. It will have some interesting features like Facial recognition. Under this new feature, the device will recognize the the face and then connect the device directly to your Facebook device. But it will be on individual basis. Though currently, Facebook uses this Facial recognition feature to detect users faces in the pictures they are tagged in.

Facebook had recently signed various contracts with Sony and Universal Music group. Now it is clear as this device will also be used to stream over Spotify and Netflix etc. So it wll basically be like a video phone.

And regarding it’s launch the report says, that it will mostly come up in May and will be available at a price of $499.

Right now we don’t even know how the device looks like, what we can do is to wait. If there is any other information available we will update you soon.



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