Facebook to soon Introduce a Reminder

In a major advancement in Facebook data privacy case, New York Times has reported something that is too fishy. In a recent report, NY Times has claimed that Facebook had struck deals with Apple, Samsung and some other major firms for the access of the personal data.

Now, talking in detail, Facebook has partnered with more than 60 device makers and big companies like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Blackberry and many others. This is not going on from past 2-3 years, this system is running from past 10 years. According to the New York Times, it was a barter system, where Facebook was getting a due on the Mobile devices of these companies.

Now, coming to the laws and regulations, where Facebook has signed a consent decree with the FTC in2 011 to not to share personal data without their consent. So, now the picture is getting clear about the whole scenario of Facebook data privacy.

We can guess, even before the Cambridge Analytica, Facebook allowed several other companies to access the user’s personal data without permission. New York Times even said that Users’ data was compromised even if user has not permitted facebook to show it’s data to other users.

Facebook have access to members’ “relationship status, religion, political leaning, upcoming events and other data. SO, ultimately the data is compromised and is shared among its potential partners.

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