Recently Facebook has suffered from a great reputation loss due to the case of data leak. A few weeks back Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica which is the major name associated with the data leak scam. Now some fresh new information is there which tells us that Facebook has taken a step further and has suspended the Canadian data firm AggregateIQ as well. In case you are wondering that why all this is happening then consider reading the entire story.

As per a Facebook insider the firm has suspended the company called AggregateIQ because according to them this firm has misused the data of users and for more Facebook is still investigating the whole matter. Though some pieces of evidence/sources are there and as per their perspective AggregateIQ has used the data gathered by Cambridge Analytica during Britain’s leave campaign. Although as per AggregateIQ’s description they have no connection with the Cambridge Analytica.

AggregateIQ describes itself as a digital advertising, web, and software development firm. According to the Canadian firm they are nowhere connected to the firm Cambridge Analytica or its subsidiary SCL. The brand claims that they are not responsible for any use of leaked data as they have never had access to the data gathered or stored by Cambridge Analytica.

The complete investigation has been set up to find when and where this leaked data taken from Facebook has been used. A lot of users has left the platform claiming that it is not secure enough to handle the users around the globe. Adverse misuse of this information can be done easily but we are yet to gain the complete facts surrounding it.


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