Facebook is Testing its WiFi service in India


Facebook starts testing its Express WiFi on 125 locations in India. Moreover, company is in talks for the with various Internet service providers(ISPs) for commercial roll out of its Express WiFi according to the reports.

After the flop show of Free basics this is the first new initiative of Facebook in the country. However, this time around the Express WiFi service will not be free, But Facebook is working towards the goal of providing an affordable internet option for the rural sector of India.

With Express Wifi, we’re working with carriers, internet service providers, and local entrepreneurs to help expand connectivity to underserved locations around the world. We’re currently live in India, and are expanding to other regions soon.

Google has also partnered with the Indian Government for introducing high-speed Wi-Fi at 23 stations with the aim to connect about 10 million users by this year-end. Moreover, google has also plans to launch the free WiFi hotspot to 400 railway stations in India.

Coming back to Facebook Express WiFi the exact date for the launch is not revealed yet officially. But we assume that it may be launched by the end of this year.


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