Facebook will allow Video Downloads in India from July 11

Facebook to soon Introduce a Reminder

Facebook reportedly will start testing video download feature in India from July 11. Facebook reveals its plans by sending an email to select media partners.

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This feature is coming to compete with other video based social networks like snapchat and youtube Offline becoming very popular. In this feature, users can download that particular video when they are connected to WiFi and you can view it Offline with some restrictions like YouTube. Once a video is downloaded, offline playback works for up to 48 hours, after which an internet connection is required to check if the video is still published.

facebook video download-opt-outMoreover,¬†the videos will be locked to Facebook app only and cannot be opened via any other app nor it can be viewed in the device’s memory. The Publishers can opt out of this feature if to prevent people from downloading their videos.



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