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Social networking giant, Facebook decided to shut down Groups app on September 1. In case if you don’t know Facebook has a dedicated app called Facebook Groups on iOS as well as Android platform just for groups. It allows you to create and manage Facebook groups through the app.

facebook groups app shutdown

Facebook is trying to improve the group’s experience in the main Facebook app itself so having a dedicated app for groups is just unnecessary. Facebook also assured that nothing will happen to already created groups and one can access groups from the main Facebook app or from Facebook website.

On the other hand, Facebook’s main app is already bloated enough with lots of stuff. It is one of the most resource and battery consuming app. So Facebook might create a mess by adding all the group functionality in the core application. They have different apps for everything like Facebook Events App, Adverts App (Insights), Facebook Messenger and many others.

Facebook Groups is a nice app if you love accessing particular groups on the Facebook. The app has nice user interface and it make sharing in any Facebook group very easy. It’s not of the first time they have ditched something, earlier also they did so with some other projects.

One can create and discover new groups using Facebook’s Group app efficiently. We will recommend you to try out the Facebook Groups app at least once before it shut down permanently.


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