Facebook messenger disappearing messages intervals

In recent times there is a huge attention towards privacy and law enforcement access to devices and user data on several social networking websites and email services. So now, according to the leaked screenshots Facebook is coming with the self-destructing messages.

The information with screenshots are shared on Twitter which shows the self destructing messages. With this service your messages in a chat will automatically disappear after a certain amount of time, which can be set by the user. The screenshot shows intervals of one minute, fifteen minutes, an hour, four hours and a day.


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Facebook may release this self destructing messages to the general public in the next update if these screenshots have a reality as we did not completely agree with these screenshots, They may be doctored. Anyhow snapchat has this feature since 2011 and whatsapp also updated their app with the encryption of messages since last month. So Facebook messenger is due for privacy/encryption features in its app. So maybe we gonna see the required feature very soon in Facebook Messenger.


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