Facebook’s Android app Allows To Save Videos

Facebook to soon Introduce a Reminder

Facebook’s Android App has received an update with a new feature to save videos. There is an increase in the Video viewership in the past year and half. Nowadays, more users are watching videos rather than images.

Now users can save a video from Facebook video by simply tapping the three dots above every post. Well, here’s some glitch, Facebook allows to save videos in the Videos tab in Facebook App. It is not going to be accessible to your file system app in sdcard or phone memory. You can only play or watch the video by visiting the Facebook App.

So you can watch any saved video offline, until or unless you removed it from the saved list.┬áThe “save” option is showing up in versions 85 and 86 (beta) of the app.

So you guys check your version first and then download appropriate one if you want save feature.


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