Independent developer Platinum Apps knows that Facebook has well and truly taken over the world. In fact, Facebook is the most popular app on the Android platform, so much so that Facebook for Android beats out all the other Google-powered software, how’s that for beating Google on their own turf? Well, the app might not be perfect nor does it hold all the bells and whistles that one sees on the desktop version, but at least it is functional enough to be uber popular. Platinum Apps wants to ride on the Facebook momentum with an app of their own, calling it Facedroid – where this is an alternative Facebook client for the Android ecosystem.
Needless to say, the name gives it away, with this being a tablet-only app that is said to deliver a full-screen Facebook experience to large screened devices running on Android 3.0 Honeycomb or above. Not only that, Platinum Apps isn’t asking much for their effort, with an introductory price of just £0.69, surely you can spare them less than a quid to have a more tablet-friendly Facebook experience, right?


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