FB Messenger’s “Secret Conversation” is live Now in its Beta App

facebook secret conversation

Facebook finally testing its end to end encryption in its Beta App. The Secret Conversation is the name given to the end to end encryption service. Earlier there are lots of romours about the end to end encryption on Facebook messenger after Whatsapp got end to end encryption.

facebook secret conversationFacebook messenger Beta users have to keep in mind that Secret Conversation feature will not be turned on by default. Users have to manually turn on the feature for each individual conversation that they want to be secure. Moreover, the encrypted conversation is limited to the particular device on which you have started. You can’t chat in the same conversation which you have started on your phone on your laptop. Even you can’t see it online when accessing Facebook through the laptop.

How to start a Secret Conversation:

  1. Open a conversation with someone
  2. Tap [info icon]
  3. Tap Secret Conversation
  4. If you want, tap [timer icon] and set a timer to make the messages disappear

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Facebook doesn’t give any specific release date for a secret conversation feature in its regular app. However, if you want to use this feature you have to be a beta tester. You can join Beta program for FB messenger going through the link below.

FB Messenger Beta Program 


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