Files by Google

Files Go app from Google is a very useful app for android users to free up some space in their phones. Files Go was launched back in December 2017, Earlier it was announced at an along with Android Go for entry-level phones. Now Google changed its name from Files GO to Files by Google.

Files by Google UI

Earlier the app was meant for the Android GO users. But, as now it becomes very useful for all the users. And this might be the reason behind the change of Name for this app. The main features of the app are to Free up space, Find files faster, Backup files to the cloud and, Share files offline.

Today, Google also announced that Files by Google hits 30 Million monthly users. So, now the userbase might increase as it comes focus of Google. So now there is a high probability of new features very soon. Along with rebranding, Google has also made some changes in the user interface of Files by Google app.

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You can download the Files by Google from Play Store to see the new name and new user interface. After installing the update you can share your experiences with us via comments below.


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