Fingerprint Digital makes a learning and entertainment platform for kids has announced the release of 5 mobile app for kids. The company released the first five apps under the “Fingerprint” brand name and will appeal to kids in the 3-8 year old age group. The mobile apps are being developed to work with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Fingerprint Digital has a very impressive team setup from companies like LeapFrog, LucasArts and PlayFirst and they plan to launch the first ever “social learning and play network”.

The “Fingerprint” mobile apps are being launched in connected with the testing of “Mom-Comm” which allows parents to be more engaged with their kids during playing and learning activities. The company has also announced the giveaway of the first $1 million worth of apps they have developed. All the Fingerprint apps include specific sets of features that make it easier for parents to communicate and share with their children. Other features include game play snapshots for parents, recommendation engines for new games available and a rewards system that helps the child stay interested in learning and always wanting to learn more.

The mobile apps cost $2.99 and are available for the giveaway free download at the App Store. Updates and more games will become available for the Mom-Comm network in the next coming months. The five mobile apps developed are listed below.

The Big Kid Life Fire Fighter app is for ages 4-7 and allows kids to use a special backpack to put out “fire monsters” while practicing with numbers, shapes and symbols. The Big Kid Life Vet app is for ages 3-6 and teaches a child about letter, numbers and colors all while they try to find out what is wrong with their pet. The Big Kid Life Fairy Princess app is for ages 4-7 and helps kids develop reading skills as they get through 15 adventures, while creating their own story at the same time. Play Maker is an app for ages 4-8 and helps kids learn math and spelling skills. This app also lets kids create their own “Fingerprint” character. The DoReMi 1-2-3 app is for ages 4-8 and kids are interacting with “moo-sicial” cows, boat rowing pandas and twinkling stars all while learning about musical tones and melodies. This app also helps to increase brain development in kids.


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