Firefox Alpha launched for ARMv6 Android Phones


Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers and many Android users were thrilled when it arrived on their devices. Unfortunately not all Android users got to enjoy the browser, especially those running on ARMv6 devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Mini for example. Well the good news is that Mozilla has heard the cries of ARMv6 users and have since released the Alpha version of Firefox for all ARMv6 devices. This version of the browser is still an Alpha, so there are a few things that don’t work. Says Kannibalism:

The firefox alpha browser is not compatible with all of the current plugins available for the stable firefox browser that is already available on the market. Compatibility checking is based on the version number. After playing around with this browser while its still in alpha i find it to be quite stable and good for daily use.

Head on over here for more information and for the download.


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