Fleksy Keyboard

Although not widely popular as the GBoard or SwiftKey keyboard, the Fleksy Keyboard is a favorite of masses. Its so called “Natural Gestures” feature that facilitates easy way of deletion of whole word by a mere swipe towards left has made some users switch to the Fleksy. Also, other plethora of features and customization options added to its charm. Now, the developer has heard the voice of the users by bringing cloud sync support on the keyboard as a new update.

Fleksy Keyboard

The latest Flesky that has landed in the Google Play Store bears the version number 9.4.0. Along with the usual bug fixes and improvements, the update brings a much requested cloud sync feature support. Thereby, if you own a multiple devices and prefer the Fleksy as the default input keyboard. Then the cloud sync will be of a great use for uniformity all across your devices.


  • Here is it! You asked for it, and in this update we bring you… Cloud Sync!!
    So, now, if you change devices, or have more than one device, Fleksy will sync your themes, dictionary, extensions and purchases.
    Simply login with your Google email and password on the Fleksy app, and repeat on all your devices.
    We hope you are as excited as we are. Happy typing!

With the cloud sync in action, Fleksy syncs the themes, dictionary, extensions and purchases. You can say simply the app data to your logged in Google account. If that’s done, you only have to simply login with your Google email and password on the Fleksy app, and repeat on all your devices. Hence no need of manually setting up your preferred keyboard settings each and every time you change the device or uninstall the app.

For the feature to be visible, update your Flesky Keyboard installed on the device to the latest version 9.4.0.

Fleksy Keyboard 9.4.0: Google Play Store.


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