OnePlus 6 reviewers

If you’re a top-tier smartphone reviewer, interested in OnePlus devices and have good command in English language. Then, this is the golden opportunity directly from the Chinese firm that can make you one among the first OnePlus 6 reviewers all around the globe. Since OnePlus has now invited applications¬†to go hands-on with their upcoming flagship.

Backed by the initiative РThe Lab, that was perhaps established to ensure the seamless user engagement in OnePlus and its development. The call for capable reviewers is open starting from today and all the way until 10 PM EDT on May 2. There is no location specific restrictions as anyone on the globe can apply to get a chance to review a fresh unit of the OnePlus 6.

All you’ve to make sure is that you agree with certain terms and conditions laid down by the firm. Among them include, willingness to keep the OnePlus 6 and pen-down genuine, unbiased, engaging reviews of the device in a frequent manner. You can see the other protocols that you should take care of below.

Terms and rules
  • Entries in English Only.
  • If chosen, you agree to complete all requirements on time and in an honest manner; if you are not able to do so, you agree to return the device in its original condition and give your spot to the next candidate.
  • As a reviewer, you agree to provide OnePlus with the free right to use and publish any production materials (video, pictures, articles, etc.) that are generated and submitted during the review period.
  • When you apply, your entry will be added automatically to an internal backup reviewer list. We reserve the right to contact backup reviewers for additional review purposes during the selection period.
  • OnePlus reserves all rights to this event. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of OnePlus.

At last, OnePlus will announce the final reviewer squad by 10:00 PM (EDT) on May 12. Hence, don’t waste any time more if you think you’re perfect fit for being a reveiwer. Detailed instructions and call-letter can be accessed by clicking the source link below.



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