Froyo has finally arrived for the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G! Sprint will start rolling out the Android 2.2.1 OTA update for the Epic at exactly 9PM (PST) tonight. We know that Samsung’s had a million and one excuses why the update has taken so long and it’s been over two and a half months since we first stopped the Android update for the Epic on Google’s servers. We could talk all day about how late this update is, but at this point it’s somewhat comforting to know that Froyo is finally here. The new update will enable some new features on the Samsung Epic 4G and fix a few bugs as well. Some of the enhancements and fixes include support for Adobe Flash 10.1, improved GPS functionality, Bluetooth voice dialing, the ability to install applications to the SD card, and data tethering over 3G and 4G. Sprint plans on rolling out the Android 2.2.1 update to the Samsung Epic 4G in waves and expects to have all devices updated within 4 days. Now that the Android 2.2.1 update for the Epic 4G is finally here, what Froyo feature are you most excited about?

Over a quarter of all of Motorola Mobility’s sales in 2010 went to Verizon Wireless showing how important the relationship to the Now network really is. According to Bloomberg, 28% of sales means a 15% steady increase since 2008. Second to Verizon was Sprint/Nextel with 13%. But what’s even more interesting will be how this year’s sales shake out with Verizon picking up the iPhone from Apple. And it’s something at the very forefront of Motorola’s minds as they stated in their annual filing that “the loss of, or a significant reduction in revenue from, one or more of these customers could have a negative impact on our business.”

Sanjay Jha is honest with the impact as sales of the iPhone to AT&T has triggered “some slowdown,” and as such, Motorola Mobility is doubling down on it’s Android product line. Jha seems to view the slow down is an opportunity and has set the goal of selling more models of Android phones than Verizon, AT&T and Sprint combined. It’s indeed a lofty goal and one that Wall Street seems to agree with. Shares of Motorola Mobilty rose .20 cents to $30.03 after the news broke.