Samsung Galaxy A3(2016) battery reluctant to charge beyond 87 percent after Nougat update


Fulfilling a long awaited wish is absolutely a delightful occasion when it comes to Android updates. And, in case of the Galaxy A3(2016) users, the wish was a Nougat update for their device. The all excitement started, when the Korean giant started seeding Nougat for Galaxy A3(2016) couple of months ago. Apparently, the dream of A3 users has now become into fruition.

samsung galaxy a3


However, it seems their wish has now transformed into a horrible nightmare. Certain A3(2016) users are now reporting a terrible battery issue after they update the device to Nougat 7.0.

The battery issue, which is probably as a result of unknown bugs inhibit the A3’s battery to get fully charged. Majority of the Galaxy A3 user’s claims that their device is capable of charging normally only upto 80%. Further, the battery struggles to attain 87% of the full capacity where it completely halts and gets stuck. Consequently, all the blame has been put over the Nougat update.

As usual, whenever users encounter an issue with their gadget. They try to resolve them by doing a default settings restore or a factory reset. Similary, the A3 users did the same first-aid methods in a hope that it will resurrect the battery. Unfortunately, they did no improvement to this terrible condition.

Interestingly, all these issue made me recollect the memories of Galaxy Note 7 recall period. Do you remember that Samsung had once rolled-out an update for this device that restricts its battery to charge beyond 60%. Solely, to prevent the explosive nature of the Galaxy Note 7. Inadvertently, the code might have entered into the Galaxy A3(2016) as well. No, don’t take it seriously, I’m just expressing my view regarding this.

Anyway, it’s clear that a firmware update that brings a fix for this issue ought to be provided by Samsung. Since, the Korean Giant has already committed a great mistake in the near past. We could expect a rapid responce from the firm as it can’t take any more chances.


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