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Samsung has been working on the foldable smartphone for years now. But, it could not become the first company to release the product as that fame now belongs to Royole Technologies. However, the South Korean giant is expected to showcase the device at its developer conference (SDC 2018) next week in San Fransisco. Fresh reports from Korea also claims Galaxy F could be the name of the final product.

samsung galaxy x foldable phone

The upcoming Galaxy F might be announced at after the launch of Galaxy S10 earlier next year. The model number of the device is also out now which is SM-F900U. The device with this model number has been spotted testing on all the major carriers in the US with the build number F900USQU0ARJ5. This device is expected to feature a different UI to utilize the foldable screen as leaked earlier.

Samsung is also expected to test the European and Asian variants of the devices with the model numbers SM-F900F and SM-F900N respectively. As for specifications, it will come with 512GB of internal storage, 7.3-inches primary display, and a 4.6-inches secondary display. The two displays will be connected by a hinge with a gear to avoid damages by folding slowly. The two displays will also have a space between them in the inner side to avoid direct impact while folding. Samsung is expected to manufacture around 1 million Galaxy F units starting this month.

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